Poultry / Broiler Monitoring CCTV Systems.

Securi-Tek Systems LTD is a security installation company based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. 

Securi-Tek has been installing and maintaining poultry monitoring systems for over 10 years, originally the first poultry monitoring CCTV system was installed within the poultry shed control room, this allowed the farm manager to monitor the shed temperatures and alarm warning lights remotely from the poultry farm office.

With advancements in technology and broadband speeds, we were able to transmit the live CCTV images to a central monitoring station specifically for poultry, we then installed eight additional cameras inside the poultry sheds, the monitoring team could then view the welfare of the birds remotely.
Broiler Farm - Monitoring Systems

Broiler Farm - Monitoring Systems

Detecting issues early on a Broiler Chicken farm can be critical in preventing livestock loss, as a farmer the faster you are alerted to a problem the faster you can respond and potentially save your animals and profits!
Layer Farm - Monitoring Systems

Layer Farm - Monitoring Systems

Layer Farms are utilising our Ultra Smart range of CCTV cameras in and outside the poultry houses, the internal ameras monitoring the bird welfare, the external cameras are set to detect unauthorised entry.

Livestock Systems Currently Monitoring

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Poultry CCTV Monitoring Key Features:

HD Poultry CCTV Monitoring

High Definition
1080P HD Poultry CCTV

With our 1080P HD Poultry Monitoring Systems, You can be assured off high-quality video & audio whenever you access your poultry CCTV system.
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HD Poultry CCTV Monitoring

Configured Preset Commands
View Any Area, Instantly

Pre-configured preset commands give the farm manager the ability to view any part of the poultry house instantly with the touch of a button, from the office or any smart device.
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HD Poultry CCTV Monitoring

Visual Verification Tool
Monitor Problematic Areas

Having the ability to pan, tilt and zoom into any particular area of the shed gives the farm manager a valuable tool relative to his bird's welfare, positioning the camera to monitor a problematic area will free the farmers valuable time, periodically checking on the problem from his / hers smartphone or desktop PC.
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