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Dahua Ultra Smart CCTV Cameras
Dahua Ultra Smart IP Camera Range

Utlising Intelligent Analytic Software

Advanced Detection Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Map -

Tripwire Detection
Intrusion Detection
Object Abandoned/Missing

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Embrace The Evolution

Camera System Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Mapping -

Thermal Imaging -
ANPR Systems -
Object Abandoned -

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Remote Access CCTV Systems
Remote CCTV System Access

What Area Would You Monitor?

Remote Access Key Features:

Activate Sounders -
Voice Over -
Audio In & Out -

View Live Images -
Playback Footage -
Control PTZ Cameras -

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Wired / Wireless Systems -
Smartphone Application -
Elegant Keypad Designs -
Keyfob Control -

The Next Generation Of Security Systems
Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Wireless Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Two Way Communication -
Rolling Codes -
Smartphone Applications -
GSM Communications-

The Future Is Wireless!
No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess!
Wireless Alarm Systems

What Area Would You Choose ?

Monitor Feed Lines -
Monitor Bird Spread -

Poultry Monitoring Systems
HD Live Feeds From Your Sheds

Schedule Preset Tours-
Pick Up Problems Earlier -


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Wireless Intruder Alarms

Only a few years ago wireless intruder alarms were frowned upon in the professional security industry, reliabilty issues plagued wireless alarm systems, battery life was very poor, and security protocols where very weak.

Intruders were simply going to the local DIY store and purchasing the latest Home Wireless Alarm Kit and playing with the system until they could learn to disarm and arm the system using code detection equipment, they now had the key to this brand of DIY security system.
Wireless Intruder Alarm Fob

Wireless Security Systems Have Evolved

Wireless intruder alarm systems are now at the forefront of electronic security systems, transmission distances have been increased dramatically, with Texecom Ricochet technology we can now transmit from detector to detector, instead of each detector having to report back to one central location, battery life has now been extended to over three years, systems can no longer be cloaned or jammed, most wireless alarm systems now use two way communication which is far more secure.

Wireless alarm system control panels are the centre hub to any wireless home security system, control panels can be connected to broadband connections, allowing systems to be controlled via smartphone applications, or desktop computers, signing into your alarm system on a web interface, this enables you to update codes, change mobile telephone numbers and much more.
Wireless intruder alarm system can now intergrate with or control your home automation systems, through your smartphone application you can bring on security lighting systems, open garage doors or electric gates, negating the need for multiple remote controls or sensors.

Introducing Texecom Connect

Arm & Disarm Your System
Request Status Reports
Create System Recipes
Arming / Disarming Schedules
Home Automation Intergration
Control Lights, Sockets and More!
Texecom Registered Installer
Texecom Alarm System Smart App

Alarm CCTV Systems Types:

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Wireless intruder alarm systems are becoming a number one choice for home owners looking to install a home security system, with advancements in wireless technology and security, wireless intruder alarms are becoming a forefront in home security, there are no restrictions on detector placement, systems can be controlled through smartphone applications, keyfobs or using the alarm keypad.

Hard Wired Intruder Alarms

Wired intruder alarm system must up nearly 90% of the worlds intruder alarm system installations at the moment. The main alarm system control panel will usually be concealed, all commands including arming and disarming the alarm system will take place at a remote keypad, arming and disarming of the alarm system is usually done by inputing a code or registering a proximity tag at the keypad.

Perimeter Detection Systems

Perimeter detection systems are designed to detect the intruder on the outside, before they gain entry into the inside, this preventative measure of security can be proactive in deterring a potential intruder, perimeter detection systems can be conected to a central control panel, bring on security lighting, voice challenge intruders or send a notification alert to your smartphone detailing the activation.
Dahua Smart Doorbell
The Dahua Ultra Smart Door Bell

Answer Your Door Bell From Any Location In The World!

Calls come directly to your mobile phone via the smart app, calls include video and audio.

Other Application Features Include: Opening electronic locks, turning on welcome lights, activating sounders and much more!


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