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Dahua Ultra Smart CCTV Cameras
Dahua Ultra Smart IP Camera Range

Utlising Intelligent Analytic Software

Advanced Detection Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Map -

Tripwire Detection
Intrusion Detection
Object Abandoned/Missing

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Embrace The Evolution

Camera System Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Mapping -

Thermal Imaging -
ANPR Systems -
Object Abandoned -

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Remote Access CCTV Systems
Remote CCTV System Access

What Area Would You Monitor?

Remote Access Key Features:

Activate Sounders -
Voice Over -
Audio In & Out -

View Live Images -
Playback Footage -
Control PTZ Cameras -

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Wired / Wireless Systems -
Smartphone Application -
Elegant Keypad Designs -
Keyfob Control -

The Next Generation Of Security Systems
Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom
Wireless Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Two Way Communication -
Rolling Codes -
Smartphone Applications -
GSM Communications-

The Future Is Wireless!
No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess!
Wireless Alarm Systems

What Area Would You Choose ?

Monitor Feed Lines -
Monitor Bird Spread -

Poultry Monitoring Systems
HD Live Feeds From Your Sheds

Schedule Preset Tours-
Pick Up Problems Earlier -


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Installing Bespoke High Definition CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarms & Perimeter Detection Systems.



Home CCTV Systems

From one single camera home CCTV system, to view a particular area of your roperty or a multi-tier home CCTV system with remote CCTV access, so that you can monitor different areas of your home or from your smartphone, we can help with the design, installation and service of your new home CCTV system.

Commercial CCTV Systems

Every year businesses small and large lose millions of pounds in revenue through theft, criminal damage and fraud, CCTV can help in the fight against this, from small businesses to commercial sized industrial sites we can help with the design, installation and service of your commercial CCTV system.

Farm CCTV Systems

Farm CCTV systems are proven to be a huge deterrent for many of those intent on commiting crime in rural areas or against farmers, with the correct placement of quality CCTV cameras, utilising advanced algorithm detection software farm CCTV systems can truly help in the fight against farms and rural areas.

Covert CCTV Systems

Covert CCTV cameras can provide discreet surveillance of an area or person/s, often covert cctv systems are temporary installations and can be used in a multitude of situations, perhaps you would like to monitor an elderly relative through a difficult time, helping them keep there independance but ensuring they are safe.

Livestock Monitoring

CCTV systems are primarily used for the detection and prevention of criminal activity, however CCTV cameras can also help with livestock monitoring, precision livestock farming and general livestock welfare, if you are considering installing a livestock monitoring system we can help with the design, installation and setup.

CCTV Remote Viewing

Remote CCTV access will allow a home or business owner to remotely log into their CCTV system and monitor the CCTV cameras from any location in the world and from almost any mobile device, tablet or laptop PC with an internet connection, the system will also allow you to log into multiple sites simultaneously from one single device.
Dahua Smart Doorbell
The Dahua Ultra Smart Door Bell

Answer Your Door Bell From Any Location In The World!

Calls come directly to your mobile phone via the smart app, calls include video and audio.

Other Application Features Include: Opening electronic locks, turning on welcome lights, activating sounders and much more!



wired or wireless

Home Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems can be a highly effective deterrent to any burglar who may be thinking about targeting your home, in a recent survey carried out by a leading home insurance company 80% of burglars interviewed said they would avoid targeting homes with a visible alarm system and would move on to the next property.

Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems

It can be hard work establishing your business, we know how important it is for you to protect your business premises and stock, whether you are a small business just starting, an established shop, warehouse or any other type of commercial business you must consider installing a commercial intruder alarm system.

Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems

Wireless intruder alarms offer you a wider range of options when considering installing an intruder alarm system, alarm control units and detection devices can be positioned without the need for cables, allowing the alarm system to be installed with little or no mess, battery's in wireless alarm systems now last in excess of over 3 years, all good quality wireless alarm systems now allow full control via there smartphone and tablet applications.

Intruder Alarm Servicing

Intruder alarm servicing or preventative maintenance servicing is designed to prolong the life of your intruder alarm system, intruder alarms are made up of individual electronic components, a failure in one component can lead to false alarm activations or a complete alarm system failure, preventative alarm system servicing is often a lot less expensive than replacing faulty components due to inadequate servicing.

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livestock cctv monitoring systems

cctv can often reveal the big picture!

Poultry Monitoring CCTV Systems

Our journey began with Poultry Monitoring Systems installing CCTV cameras within the poultry sheds to monitor the shed enviroments and for added security against intruders hurting the birds, this then progressed to installing fixed cameras within the poultry shed and connecting them to a central station.

Layer CCTV Monitoring Systems

Layer farmers are finding the benefits of using CCTV monitoring systems, having the ability to login remotely and view the temperature within the sheds is one of the advantages, you can then select an internal house camera and view the bird area in great detail, utilizing the zoom capabilities of the PTZ range of cameras.

Turkey CCTV Monitoring Systems

Turkey CCTV systems are very similar to broiler CCTV systems, they will allow farm managers to check the spread of his birds remotely or from the farm office, if there is an issue within one of the poultry houses the farmer can monitor that particular area of the shed without the need to keep re-entering and disturbing the birds.

Pig CCTV Monitoring Systems

Monitoring of pigs through a livestock monitoring system will allow a pig farmer to see what is happening within the main pig unit, check a particular pen or check food and water holders he can also through strategically placed audio microphones hear what is happening, listening for early waring signs of pig cough or other health problems.

Lambing CCTV Monitoring Systems

For many years farmers have used some form of CCTV system to observe there ewes at lambing time, with advancements in technology sheep farmers are now able to do far more than observe just one pen with a lambing CCTV system, with pan, tilt and zoom cameras farmers can now look at many pens and any particular ewe, and in great detail, they can keep watch over young or vulnerable lambs, all in high definition and the added benefit of audio!

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Broiler Chicks

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Layer Hens

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